Riding Shotgun and Other American Cruelties – Andy Rausch @writerrausch1 @rararesources #BlogTour

shotgun cover 2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/writerrausch1

Amazon UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Riding-Shotgun-Other-American-Cruelties-ebook/dp/B073RT1353/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1531055885&sr=8-1&keywords=riding+shotgun+and+other+american+cruelties

Crouching down behind the upturned pool table, you cower as the bullets rain down all around you. This isn’t what you had expected when your friend called to say if you wanted to ‘shoot some pool’ after lunch. You remember to make a mental note to cross him off of your xmas card list. Suddenly the gunshots end as abruptly as they began, the sound of car tyres squealing as your assailants race away. Gradually you stand up and survey the carnage. As you slowly turn around you notice the wall behind you is riddled with bullet holes. Standing back you notice that they appear to be arranged into a pattern of some kind. Yes, if you squint, and tilt your head a little, bizarrely the holes all seem to spell out some words: it looks like…a blurb…

“RIDING SHOTGUN AND OTHER AMERICAN CRUELTIES is a unique collection of quirky, Tarantinoesque crime novellas, representing three very different sub-genres. In the first story, “Easy-Peezy,” a band of elderly Old West bank robbers return to their wicked ways robbing banks in the 1930s John Dillinger era. The second story, “Riding Shotgun,” is a bitter tale about a man pushed to the limits of human endurance and forced to take up arms to protect those he loves. The third tale, “$crilla,” is an urban crime fantasy in which a fledgling hip-hop group kidnaps a record mogul in the hopes of finally making the kind of loot they’ve always dreamed of.”

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Lori Anderson Book 3 – Steph Broadribb @crimethrillgirl @orendabooks #coverreveal

Hey hey everybody and welcome to another cover reveal on my little beardy blog. Oooh, I. Am. EXCITED!

Why? Why are you so excited you bearded buffoon, I hear you ask? Well, this is book 3 in the Lori Anderson series. If you are not familiar with these books then I suggest that a) you slap yourself in the face with a damp haddock, and b) that you waddle off and read my reviews of Deep Down Dead and Deep Blue Trouble before dipping your hands into your pockets and ponying up for a copy of each one. Go on, you know it makes sense 😉

When I sat down to write this reveal I realised that, in fact, I am way too excited to do this cover reveal on my own. I need to call upon the skill and expertise of another. Someone, maybe, who actually has met Steph herself?

So, who did I call up to ask to present this cover reveal? Well, you may recall a conversation I once had with a young up and coming book blogger (if you cannot recall this epic encounter, or have no clue as to what I’m talking about, you can find that chat here), and I thought, why not ask him if he’s free?

Sadly, I was.

That’s right beardy book blog fans, I called up myself, The Beardy Book Blogger, once again. Me’ll know what to do….

Beardy meets Beardy 2
Left me: This dick again? Right me: Why did I agree to this?


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Big Sister – Gunnar Staalesen (translated by Don Bartlett) #BlogTour #VargVeum @orendabooks @annecater


Sitting at your desk you hear a strange sound from the other side of the door leading into your office. To your alarm a piece of folded paper is slowly pushed under it. You get up quickly and take the sheet of paper as you hear someone run away on the other side. Pulling the door open there is no one there. You open the paper and there, in letters cut out from magazines and newspapers, is a blurb….

“PI Varg Veum receives a surprise visit in his office from a woman who introduces herself as his half-sister, and she has a job for him. Her god-daughter, a nineteen-year-old trainee nurse from Haugesund, moved from her bedsit in Bergen two weeks ago. Since then no one has heard anything from her. She didn’t leave an address. She doesn’t answer her phone. And the police refuse to take her case seriously. Veum’s investigation uncovers a series of carefully covered-up crimes and pent-up hatreds, and the trail leads to a gang of extreme bikers and to a shadowy group, whose dark actions are hidden by the anonymity of the Internet. And then things get personal… Chilling, shocking and exceptionally gripping, Big Sister reaffirms Gunnar Staalesen as one of the world’s foremost thriller writers.”

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Cuttin’ Heads – D.A. Watson @davewatsonbooks @rararesources #blogtour #cuttinheads

Cuttin Heads


Inspiration just isn’t coming to you today. You sit there, the lyrics failing to materialise on your notebook. Closing your eyes, you let yourself fall into a trance-like state and then, as if from nowhere, the words fall from your fingers. Afterwards, rising from your stupor you look at what you’ve written and realise, with some measure of disappointment, that what you have written are not song lyrics, but a blurb:

“Aldo Evans is a desperate man. Fired from his job and deeply in debt, he struggles to balance a broken family life with his passion for music.

Luce Figura is a troubled woman. A rhythmic perfectionist, she is haunted by childhood trauma and scorned by her religiously devout mother.

Ross McArthur is a wiseass. Orphaned as an infant and raised by the state, his interests include game shows, home-grown weed, occasional violence and the bass guitar.

They are Public Alibi. A rock n’ roll band going nowhere fast.

When the sharp-suited, smooth talking producer Gappa Bale offers them a once in a lifetime chance to make their dreams come true, they are caught up in a maelstrom of fame, obsession, music and murder.

Soon, Aldo, Luce and Ross must ask themselves: is it really better to burn out than to fade away?”

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A Dead American In Paris – Seth Lynch. @SethALynch @FahrenheitPress @Damppebbles #blogtour

A Dead American In Paris cover


Walking through the streets of Paris you pass several cafés, resisting the temptation to enter each one and have a small snifter of Cognac. Then, suddenly, you spy your quarry darting into a small alleyway. Quickly, you cross the road eager to catch him before he slips through your fingers again. From out of nowhere one of those newfangled autos passes behind you, belching exhaust smoke into the air and you lose sight of your man. As the smoke clears, coughing and eyes stinging, you see some writing scrawled on the wall of the alley:

Paris. 1931.

Arty Homebrook lived and died in a world of sleaze which stretched from Chicago to Paris but never beyond the gutter.

He’d been sleeping with Madame Fulton, which is why Harry Fulton promised to kill him. So far as the Paris Police are concerned it’s an open and shut case. Harry’s father has other ideas and hires Salazar to investigate.

As Salazar gets to grips with the case he’s dragged reluctantly into an unpleasant underworld of infidelity, blackmail, backstreet abortions and murder.

Salazar is far too inquisitive to walk away and far too stubborn to know what’s for the best. So he wakes up each hungover morning, blinks into the sunlight, and presses on until it’s his life on the line. Then he presses on some more, just for the hell of it.

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Cover Reveal – Gone To Ground @rachelamphlett

There are many things that I have never done in my 47 years upon this earth.

I have never:

  • Been to Mars.
  • Wrestled a Great White Shark in a tub of jelly – lime flavour, since you asked.
  • Completed a Legend Of Zelda game.
  • Hopped on one leg for 24 hours without stopping whilst eating noodles with chopsticks.
  • Won the heart of a fair maiden. Still.
  • Successfully looked after a plant without it dying before its time.
  • Ridden a mammoth.
  • Ridden a prehistoric creature of any kind.
  • Pushed the button at a level crossing and have the light change immediately.
  • Put 6 ping pong balls into my mouth and recited a poem without dribbling.
  • Put 6 ping pong balls into my mouth.
  • Been bitten on the bum by a bullet ant.

None of these things has ever bothered me before. And, if I’m honest, they still don’t.

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A Non-Bookish Post: My London 2 Brighton 100km Challenge for @malarianomoreUK. @ultrachallenges

Hello my beloved Beardy Blog Fans.

You may recall that a short while ago I did post a post highlighting a challenge that I was undertaking in order to raise money for Malaria No More UK.

You can read that post HERE.

Well, I only gone and did it, didn’t I! How did it go? What happened? Did I, in my nervousness, forget to get dressed and walk half the distance in the nudie before realising and running back to get changed and start all over again?

Well, you’ll have to read on to find out*.

*no. not again.

Image result for london to brighton challenge

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The Log House – Baylea Hart #blogtour #TheLogHouse @bayleahart @annecater @unbounders #randomthingstours

The Log House Cover
My thanks to Baylea and Anne Cater for my copy of this book and for allowing me on to the tour.


Author: Baylea Hart

Publisher: Unbound Digital

Where to buy: Amazon ; Book Depository

Terrified you crawl further into the corner, moving away from the light as you seek the dark. The thing in the room sniffs, searching for you, its sharp claws clicking on the wooden floor. Desperately you reach out for a weapon to defend yourself with, laying hands on the nearest object within reach. Grasping, panicking, you pull towards you…. a blurb:

“The forest is a deadly place. Nobody knows this better than Penny. She has spent her whole life hiding in the darkness, shielding herself from the terrors that watch and wait within the trees. When Penny is abandoned and left for dead in the forest, she is forced to navigate this terrifying labyrinth in order to return home to her son and take revenge on the woman who tried to kill her. But the murderous creatures with the false smiles aren’t the only monsters to lurk in the forest, and some demons may be closer than she thinks.”

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Rubicon – Ian Patrick @IPatrick_Author @fahrenheitpress @damppebbles #blogtour #RubiconBook



Author: Ian Patrick

Publisher: Fahrenheit Press

Where to buy: Amazon UK ; Fahrenheit Press

Smashing down the door to the dilapidated apartment the two cops stop suddenly at a strange object lying bloody and unconscious on the floor:

Cop 1: ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello, what ‘ave we ‘ere then?

Cop 2: It appears to be a blurb, sir:

“Two cops, both on different sides of the law – both with the same gangland boss in their sights. 

Sam Batford is an undercover officer with the Metropolitan Police who will stop at nothing to get his hands on fearsome crime-lord Vincenzo Guardino’s drug supply. 

DCI Klara Winter runs a team on the National Crime Agency, she’s also chasing down Guardino, but unlike Sam Batford she’s determined to bring the gangster to justice and get his drugs off the streets.

Set in a time of austerity and police cuts where opportunities for corruption are rife, Rubicon is a tense, dark thriller that is definitely not for the faint hearted.”

If, like me, you had no idea what a Rubicon is, and thought it might’ve been an ice lolly from the 1970s, a type of antiquated filing system, or a colourful puzzle cube, then here is a wee explanation:

Julius Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon river was an event in 49 BC that precipitated the Roman Civil War, which ultimately led to Caesar’s becoming dictator for life and the rise of the imperial era of Rome. … Today, the phrase “crossing the Rubicon” is an idiom that means to pass a point of no return.”

There, has that helped? Good. In fact, it is an incredibly pertinent and rather clever title. That Ian, it’s almost like he chose it on purpose. Authors, tch, clever sods.

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Well, shut my mouth – I won an award.

Look down there! Go on, look at that badge thing below this sentence:

Newcomer - winner

That, my blog reading chums and chumettes, is my official Bloggers Bash badge that confirms my status as an award winning blogger. Yes, that’s right book blog fans: You are reading with your very eyes an…AWARD WINNING BLOG! 

This isn’t just any old run of the mill blog now, don’t you know. Oh no! This is a Marks and Spencers blog. It now has bells AND whistles.

But Mr. Beardy Book Blogger, I hear you cry – nay, clamour – will this change you? Will you still be the daft, silly idiot that we love to follow and read? Will you continue to speak to the common person?

Well, frankly, no.

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