Author: C J Skuse

Publisher: HQ Stories (Harper Collins UK imprint)

Where to buy: Amazon ; Book Depository

This book is bloody superb. I loved every single page and word within. It is dark book, very dark, but oh so funny too. Rhiannon, our young protagonist, makes for a highly likeable serial killer; a psychologically damaged woman who suffered a terrible and life changing trauma at a very early age, who hates the world and nearly everyone in it. But the world and nearly everyone in it are blissfully unaware of her murderous intentions because of The Act; a facade she presents in order to appear ‘normal’. To everyone else she appears to be a regular gal: she has a steady boyfriend; stable job; small group of friends; and there’s Tink, her beloved Chihuahua. What could be wrong with any of that? What they don’t know is that Rhiannon is also a killer (and occasional torturer/kidnapper). Someone who lives to kill and gets quite a kick out of it. She’s not an indiscriminate killer; she chooses her prey. To start with at least…

To say more will spoil the delights within. This book is vulgar, coarse, hilarious and shocking in equal measure. It is not for the faint of heart, or the prudish! A sheer delight from start to finish. There is a sequel on the way (In Bloom – out in August according to Amazon), and I cannot wait.

Highly recommended. 5/5

7 thoughts on “Sweetpea

    1. Haha, it’s a cracker, huh? It’s not correct and proper to like such a psychopath as much as I loved Rhiannon, is it? Mind you, towards the end she’s starting to unravel and becoming less likeable. I can’t wait to see where she goes in the sequel.

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      1. I didn’t realise there was a sequel coming until I read your review. I’m gonna be all over that!

        I read that the book has been bought by a production company and is going to be a tv show. I don’t know what vibe they are going for, but think it’d make a really good dark comedy.

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