What? Another bloody book blog?

IMG_20180215_152258_01_01Welcome to my brand new, shiny, book blog. Why? Why, I hear you clamour? Why have you decided to publish a book blog? Let me tell you:

Why not? Simple as that really. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while now; a bit like a cat with a mouse it’s just brought in and isn’t quite ready to squish and then chew the head off of, leaving it for you to step in in the morning. I mean, it isn’t as though the world really needs another book blog; there are a zillion out there. Maybe even a zillion and one. But none of those are my blogs, are they?

I’ve always enjoyed reading books, but recently I’ve discovered that I LOVE reading them. And with the discovery of the book community on Twitter and Instagram, plus Goodreads, I’ve found that I really enjoy posting reviews, too. And, for some reason, there are people out there who actually enjoy reading them. Seriously! Not many, I grant ye, but they are out there – lurking in the shadows of social media.

Social media has introduced me to some truly smashing authors: John Marrs; Louise Beech; Michael J Malone; Antti Tuomainen; Thomas Enger; Matt Wesolowski; Joe Hill; Samuel Bjork – the list goes on. And it’s not only the authors, but I hope to highlight their publishers too, such as Orenda Books and Fahrenheit Press, to name just two rising independents amongst the behemoths. I hope to showcase many, if not all, of this great talent on this very blog as the weeks, months, maybe even years, go on. There is SO much fantastic literature being created today that it needs to be read; their authors to be recognised.

This is very much a hobby blog. Maybe one day it’ll grow into something more, but my main focus is to have fun with it. I’ve had some great support from fellow bloggers over on Twitter, and I will hope to shine a spotlight on them too. The book blogging world is a rich and varied place that I’m very excited to be dipping my tootsies into. Hopefully the Beardy Book Blogger will be here to stay and make his mark.

Peace and Book Love. X

Mart – The Beardy Book Blogger.