January 2018 book reads.

Hi Beardy Book Blog Chums.

I’ve decided to post a monthly update of the books wot I read. This is partly to bore the arse off of you all; partly because that’s what book bloggers do; partly to keep track of the books I’ve read; and partly because see the previous three partlys, in case you have already fallen into a coma and have just come around after reading the first two partlys.

Writing this list I’ve really surprised myself as to how many books I’ve read in January alone. I’m quite astonished, if I’m honest.

So, without further ado, or adon’t, here, in no particular order, is the rundown for January 2018 (links in titles where I’ve written one):

  1. In The Still – Jacqueline Chadwick (Fahrenheit Press) 5/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 30/5)

2. Pierced – Thomas Enger (Faber and Faber) 4/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 10/5 (50/5 for the series))

3. Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman 4/5

4. Hydra – Matt Wesolowski (Orenda Books) 5/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 60/5)

5. Briefly Maiden – Jacqueline Chadwick (Fahrenheit Press) 5/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 30/5)

6. Unbroken – Madeline Black 5/5

7. The Mine – Antti Tuomainen (Orenda Books) 4/5


8. Deep Down Dead – Steph Broadribb (Orenda Books) 5/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 20/5)

Tiny Steph appreciation photo 🙂



9. A Suitable Lie – Michael J Malone (Orenda Books) 5/5 (RidicuRating(TM) 60/5)

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