March reads – aka Wot I Readed In March.

Hi everyone. March was quite a good month for me reading wise. I read 9 books, all of which were most excellent. My lucky streak continues it seems. Now I know that 9 isn’t a lot. I saw someone over on Twitter who had read 48 in ONE MONTH! WTF? But considering I used to pretty much read one book a month I reckon that’s pretty good going, innit?

My favourite book of the month? Oooooh, now you’re asking (yeah, yeah, I know you didn’t ask me, but go with it!). Hands down I would say it was Johanna Gustawson’s amazing Block 46, closely followed by Seth Lynch’s A Citizen Of Nowhere. Both very different books, but both of them were unputdownable and I finished both in a day, more or less (take away time for a poo/wee, sleeping, eating, you know). But now I feel bad for Ragnar’s The Darkness or Christopher Fowler’s Wild Chamber. Urgh, I shouldn’t pick favourites. But seriously, every book here is a 5* book. In fact, you may notice that I no longer rate books by star any more (also RIP the RidicuRating(TM)). I now just state whether I think the book should be recommended or highly recommended. I’m thinking of a variation on this, so watch this space. Well, not this space, but a space I shall create on the blog at a later date. So, yeah, watch that space, when it occurs.

Links to my reviews are in the title (except for My Little eye, as I’m waiting for my date on the blog tour. I will link after…if I remember to! EDIT: I did and it is now there 🙂 )


Block 46 – Johanna Gustawsson

My Little Eye – Stephanie Marland

The Bone Keeper – Luca Veste

Rubicon – Ian Patrick

Wild Chamber – Christopher Fowler


The Darkness – Ragnar Jónasson


Close Hauled – Rob Avery

The Chalk Man – C.J. Tudor

A Citizen Of Nowhere – Seth Lynch

12 thoughts on “March reads – aka Wot I Readed In March.

  1. What an excellent list of books! I’ve been dying to read Block 46 and The Bone Keeper is topping my to buy list these days as well. I’m also firmly in the let me throw myself a party for reading 9 books camp! I don’t see how people can read 48 books a month!!

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    1. IKR? I mean I know that some people can speed read, but that’s just bonkers. I wonder how much they actually take away from the books they’ve read that way? I can’t recall the person who read all those now. Also, get on it with Block 46. It’s an astonishingly good book. Put everything else away and read it 😉

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    1. Lol, yes I have. I said to myself when I started this that I *wouldn’t* do blog tours for a good long while. But then Steph invited me onto the My Little Eye tour and then….it is a slippery slope.

      Also, well jel that you’re on the Hall Of Mirrors tour. Green, I am 😉

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  2. 48 books in one month?!? Is that even physically possible??? That means they would have had to read a book and a half each day of the month!!! :O

    Also I love that you take pics of yourself with your books for your reviews! It’s so simple yet ingenious! 😀

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