Well, shut my mouth – I won an award.

Look down there! Go on, look at that badge thing below this sentence:

Newcomer - winner

That, my blog reading chums and chumettes, is my official Bloggers Bash badge that confirms my status as an award winning blogger. Yes, that’s right book blog fans: You are reading with your very eyes an…AWARD WINNING BLOG! 

This isn’t just any old run of the mill blog now, don’t you know. Oh no! This is a Marks and Spencers blog. It now has bells AND whistles.

But Mr. Beardy Book Blogger, I hear you cry – nay, clamour – will this change you? Will you still be the daft, silly idiot that we love to follow and read? Will you continue to speak to the common person?

Well, frankly, no.

I am an AWARD WINNER now. This means that my blog can only be read by those of you who I deem suitable to read it. I can’t have my words falling into any old eyes. Perish the actual thought. Can you imagine it – can. you. imagine – these words being read by the eyes of a person who fully fails to understand and comprehend – to ‘underhend’ – the very importance of the blog I am now responsible for?

I can’t. I feel overwhelmed with the idea. I need to lie down. In fact, I’m shutting the blog down. It has become just too big for you all.

Actually, I am lying.

Ha ha ha, did I fool you? Were you starting to well up with righteous anger at the notion that you would be forced to unfollow my blog? That it would be shut down and moved to a more prestigious platform?

Well, rest easy dear reader as all of the above was just a hilarious joke – a wheeze, if you will. Of course I won’t change;  I shall ever remain the daft bastard that you seem to enjoy and voted for.

In all seriousness  (and yes I can be serious when the need arises…BIG BUMS…ok, no I can’t be that serious), I am genuinely touched, amazed, honoured and humbled to have won the Newcomer at the Bloggers Bash Awards. I really didn’t think that I would win at all; it was a tough category with many excellent blogs nominated, so it was a huge surprise when I was told that I had indeed won. I could have, just could have, let out a little ‘squeeee’. I could have done a little ‘happy dance’ in my chair in the cafe I was in at the time. I could have had a ruddy great big smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I could have.

AND I DID! All three of those things. I ran my phone battery down twice on the Saturday responding to all of the tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram shenanigans after the announcement.

It was fucking great fun. You see, I have never won anything before in my life. I know that people always say that after winning something, but in my case it is truly true. *hash tag* truestory (side note: someone really should invent a symbol for *hash tag*; it would be totes easier than typing *hash tag* all the time. I propose using the ^ symbol. Hopefully it’ll catch on).

I have never won so much as a bottle of Blue Nun in a raffle. Not even a box of chocolate liqueurs that someone’s granny donated from the back of her sideboard after having a clear out and blowing the dust off of the cover depicting the small bottles of spirits contained within the little chocolate faux bottles inside the box. Not even a complete set of Whimsies.

I haven’t won on a scratchcard.

I haven’t won one of those ‘Hook-a-Duck’ games at the fun fair.

I have never won the the heart of a fair maiden.

BUT…I have now won the award for being the Best Newcomer in 2018 at The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards after only 3 months of beardy blogging.

And this makes me very a happy beardy blogger indeed.

A massive and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me. I am truly honoured and humbled.

Peace and book love. TBBB X

9 thoughts on “Well, shut my mouth – I won an award.

  1. Wouldn’t the symbol for “hash tag” be #?? Or is that just too daft and I’ve fucked up your blog now? Anyhoo….I’ve said it before and I sayeth again….BLOODY WELL DONE on your award mate. Totes deserved. Funniest blog award next year for sure!! And MAHOOSIVE congrats on completing your 100k. That is worthy of an award too, so double award winner in my eyes!! 🏆🏅🥇🍾

    Liked by 1 person

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