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When I agreed to review Deep Dirty Truth for this blog tour I couldn’t wait to get started. My gibber glands were excitedly secreting gibber juice at a rate I have never experienced before. I was seriously in danger of over gibbering and passing out with all the anticipation.

But there was a problem.

I discovered that I just didn’t have the time to read and review this book. What was I thinking in accepting this tour? What was I going to? I couldn’t let Karen Sullivan, The Lovely Steph® and Anne Cater down.

My gibber glands went into reverse and I suffered what can only be described as ‘reverse gibberage’ and I despaired.

For days I wailed, and, after a cleansing saline flushing of my gibber-pipes, I wondered what I could do to fulfil my responsibility. Eventually I came to the inevitable conclusion: I would have to ask someone else to review this book and post their review as a guest post.

I started to ask around the bloggersphere for someone who could do this book justice. Someone who could get right into the deep dirty truth of what this book was all about. To my utter and crushing disappointment no one answered me. Not one person. Eventually I got to the very end of my contacts, and then I got to the very end of my emergency contacts. No one. After going through all of my emergency emergency contacts, and then exhausting everyone down my street, even flagging down a coach-load of pensioners on an outing to a matinee showing of the Chippendales, I came to the inevitable conclusion…

… I would have to ask him.

I went to the little box mounted on my bedroom wall; the one protected by super toughened, military grade glass, took out the special diamond tipped ultrasonic hammer, sent a silent prayer to the Lord, Freddie, and switched it on. The little thrum vibrating down the handle from the hammer head tickled my hand as I raised it to the glass and struck it.

The glass shattered, revealing behind it a safe, the combination to which was itself locked away in a safe deposit box in Hong Kong. I had arranged to have it couriered to me earlier, so armed with the code I opened the safe. Inside was a little toughened titanium box, locked with a key that was itself locked away in a safe guarded by a highly venomous Black Mamba snake that only one person in the world could safely wrangle. That person, RIP, sent me the key by secure courier and with it I opened the box.

Inside was a number. A phone number.

I dialled it with sweating hands and a terrible sense of dread and trepidation.

It was engaged.

Of course it was. That is because I was dialling the only other person I knew who loves, er, I mean, admires, Steph Broadribb as much as me:

The Beardy Book Blogger.

May your lord have mercy on your reading souls.


But first, a word from the blurb:


“A price on her head, and just 48 hours to expose the truth, and save her family…

Single-mother bounty hunter Lori Anderson has finally got her family back together, but her new-found happiness is shattered when she’s snatched by the Miami Mob, who they want her dead. But rather than a bullet, they offer her a job: find the Mob’s ‘numbers man’ – Carlton North – who’s in protective custody after being forced to turn federal witness against them. If Lori succeeds, they’ll wipe the slate clean and the price on her head – and those of her family – will be removed. If she fails, they die.

With only 48 hours before North is due to appear in court, Lori sets across Florida, racing against the clock to find him, and save her family…”



So, for those of you who haven’t had the displeasure of meeting myself before, may I first direct you to the following posts so you can get some idea of what you are about to let yourself in for:

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“In Conversation With… The Beardy Book Blogger – again”

“The Orenda Books 5 Book Mega Launch”

We even did the cover reveal together for this book:

“Lori Anderson Book 3…”

If you’re still here after reading, or glancing through those, then I have the number of a helpline you can call. Just ask.

So, onto this review. When I called myself up I was obviously engaged, so I had to speak to myself in person. Please forgive the ensuing gibbering, gushing and general nonsense that is bound to follow.

And my apologies to Steph. The poor girl 😔

TBBB: First things first, may I thank you from the bottom of my bottom for agreeing to step in and review Deep Dirty Truth for me on my blog.

TBBB: *waving purple pom poms about and kicking legs high into the air* Give me a T, give me a E give me an A and M… give me a L, give me an O, give me a R and an I…

TBBB: Hello… what the hell are you…

TBBB: What have you got…. TEEEEEEEEAM LORIIIIIIIIII… Wooooooooooo! *glitter gun*

TBBB: *spits out glitter*… doing? Why are you dressed as a cheerleader and waving glittery pom poms about. Get dressed! That leotard is far too tight. I feel slightly ill 🤢

TBBB: What? Oh, ha ha, this little thing? It’s, umm, not mine. I, er, I borrowed it. Yes, from a friend.

TBBB: Oh really now? Well, I doubt they’ll want it back, it’s ridden far too far up… never mind. But, why?

TBBB: Well it’s obvious isn’t it? 


TBBB: I’m part of Team Lori, or #TeamLori as we call it on the Tweeter; Steph’s little gang of advance readers and publicity peeps. I’ve got a hat and a badge… look here’s a photo (sans leotard):


TBBB: See, I’m with the cool kids now.

TBBB: I have many questions right now, but, why on earth have you got the badge in your mouth?

TBBB: My hands were full.

TBBB: Of course. Obvious really. 🙄

TBBB: I know right?

TBBB: Anyway, it’s Twitter not Tweeter. But why the skimpy outfit? It’s not as if anyone can even see it here?

TBBB: It’s comfy. 

TBBB: Not for me it isn’t. Christ man, in the name of common decency please put some shorts on at least.

TBBB: *grumble* Ok. Happy now?

TBBB: MUCHLY. Can we now continue with the review?

TBBB: Oh… my… DAYS!! I cannot believe you actually asked me to guest review this book on your blog. I am truly honoured and, if I’m honest, just a little bit emotional right now. 

TBBB: Er, you’re welc…

TBBB: Was I top of your list? I bet I was top of your list. I would’ve been top of my list if I had a list to be top of. 

TBBB: Well…

TBBB: In fact, I would have been at the top of the top of my list. If I had a list.

TBBB: Where are you going?

TBBB: To make a list.

TBBB: What? Why are you doing that now?

TBBB: In case I ever need a list. You never know. I don’t want to be caught out listless when the need arises. “Martin or Mart’s List”…

TBBB: Now what are you doing? Why is your tongue poking out?

TBBB: Parbon? 

TBBB: I said, now wha… put that tongue away, you don’t know where it’s been…

TBBB: Sorry. It helps me to think.

TBBB: Thinking is not one of your strong points, so I guess every little helps. As I was saying, what are you doing now?

TBBB: I am creating my list. I’m putting myself at the very top. Looks great, huh? OWWWWW!!! Why do you always do that? That’s another bruise to add to my collection. Well…

TBBB: You make me do these things to me, you really do. What are you doing now?

TBBB: I’m crossing your name off the list. There… done! Annnnd I’m putting it right… at… the… bottom. *pokes tongue out*

TBBB: *sigh* you really are a child, aren’t I?

TBBB: I know you are, but what am I? *pouts*

TBBB: Ok, ok, ok enough of this nonsense, I have a blog to run and the viewers aren’t here to see us bicker, they’re here to read a review of Steph Broadribb’s “Deep Dirty Truth.

TBBB: Hell yes, you’re quite right. Let us put aside our differences and for the sake of bloggers everywhere call a truce on the whole list thing. Hey, remember the time we actually met Steph and didn’t get arrested?

TBBB: I do indeed. That momentous occasion is linked to at the top of his post, but if you can’t be arsed to look at that, let’s remind the viewers via the magic of photography…

Steph and I 2
To be clear, Steph did ask me to pull a funny face.


TBBB: Awh, look at her little petrified face. 

TBBB: I know, poor thing. You know that we’re meeting her again soon for the official launch of this boo….


TBBB: … k. Calm yourself. You always get overexcited when these things are mentioned. Deep breaths…

TBBB: Deep Dirty Breaths? Hahaha, see what I did there? See, I said Deep Dirty Brea…

TBBB: Yes, I saw. You are quite the comedian. *aside* in the same way that a bag of angry squirrels are quite the magicians.

TBBB: *sniff* Sorry, I missed that. I’m still chuckling away to myself… Deep Dirty Breaths. Oh, my actual sides.

TBBB: Quite. At least I hope we get to meet her. I have a feeling that there may be increased security on the door that night.

TBBB: Well, I’m sure they’ll let us in if we promise not to get too close to Steph. Or look at her. Or stand within 3 metres of her. Or sniff her…

TBBB: Ok ok, you can stop there. Sniff her, indeed. We shall see on the night I guess. Hopefully she won’t have her taser with her. Again…

TBBB: Ah, do not worry my beardy buffoon of a chumlington, for I have procured a taser-proof vest. And underwear, just in case she plays dirty with a taser. 

TBBB: No you haven’t, you fibber. Wearing two vests and two pairs of double gussetted underpants does not a taser-proof garment make.

TBBB: They might *sulks*

TBBB: Well, hopefully we won’t need to find out. Right then, so, this is book 3 in the Lori Anderson series, is it not?

TBBB: Is it not? I thought it was. I’ll just che…

TBBB: No, you arse, that wasn’t a question about whether it was or not, it was a, well, it was a… oh, sod it: This is the 3rd book in the Lori Anderson series.

TBBB: Is it? Oh, yes, it is, that’s right. I thought the characters sounded familiar.

TBBB: Seriously? But you’ve read the other books. How can you have failed to notice this important fact?

TBBB: Um, I fell asleep? 

TBBB: That doesn’t even make sense. Ok, I’ll fill the viewers in. Deep Dirty Truth follows on from Deep Down Dead and Deep Blue Trouble. You can click on them there titles to see my review of each book (that’s me on my own; not with the bellend I’m currently talking to)

TBBB: Er, I am here you know?

TBBB: No you’re not!

TBBB: Aren’t I? 

TBBB: No. So, back to the book review. Now, before we get stuck in, am I correct in saying that this book may contain spoilers for the previous two books, and they are probably best read in order?

TBBB: Well, I think so. DDT, as I shall hereon henceforth refer to it, continues pretty much straight on from Deep Blue Trouble. Not like as in seconds after, but as in a few weeks. 


TBBB: So there are inevitably spoilers for plot details from the previous two books. Steph isn’t coy about that, she just goes ahead and tells you what has been going on. In fact, from the very first page she spills the beans on what happened to JT the last time and why Old Man Bonchese, Head of the Miami Mob crime family, and all round mean bastard, is after her for killi…

TBBB: Stop, stop! Don’t you start with the spoilers. I pride myself on my, mostly, spoiler free reviews, so don’t go messing that up for me here.

TBBB: Soz beans. It’s just so hard not to give stuff away.

TBBB: that’s ok… this time.

TBBB: Fankew. Anyway, you could read this book as a standalone, you would have all the information you need to follow the story, but you’d get more out of it if you had been on the journey from the start. Just my opinion of course 😉

TBBB: Ok, so we have established that this is a series best read in order, but that is not a reason not to read this review and buy this book. Tell me what this book is all about, in as spoiler free fashion as possible.

TBBB: Oh man, what is this book not about?


TBBB: I can tell you that it’s not about Lori and her [spoiler redacted] JT living peacefully and unhindered, shopping in whatever passes for Sainsbury’s over in the USA, watching Netflix or Hulu or whatever, and eating ice creams on a park bench whilst nothing untoward happens to them…

TBBB: Yes, ok…

TBBB: … and it’s not about Lori’s daughter, Dakota, being free of [spoiler redacted] and spending quality time with her mother instead of being [spoiler redacted] and [spoiler redacted] whilst Lori gads off on some mega dangerous bounty hunt…

TBBB: Ok, you can sto…

TBBB: … and it’s definitely not about Lori being bundled into a van and taken to [spoiler redacted]’s house to be tasked with an impossible mission to find and bring back [spoiler redacted] otherwise she [spoiler redacted] leaving Dakota motherless and without any Christmas presents that year, or ever ag… 

TBBB: STOP! for the love of Steph please, just, stop.

TBBB: But I haven’t finished yet. 

TBBB: I think we’ve heard…

TBBB: What about the nasty [spoiler redacted] within the…

TBBB: No! That’s, that’s quite enough of that. Just tell us a little about Lori herself!

TBBB: Ah, Lori Anderson. She’s a great character; a clever, resourceful, feisty, takes no bullshit bounty hunter who takes on the most difficult jobs in order to pay for her daughter Dakota’s [spoiler redacted].

TBBB: Right, I think we can dispense with the redacted spoilers on this occasion. It’s no big secret that Dakota is ill and has cancer and, what with this being the US with its expensive health care system, Lori needs to earn a LOT of money to pay for her treatment.

TBBB: No, fair enough. I do like those square brackety things though. I don’t get to use them much.

TBBB: Well, I think you’ve used them quite enough now, so quit it!

TBBB: *pouts* But… but… but I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read the previous two books. Plus it creates a bit of intrigue and mystery that may lure the viewer into reading them. *crosses arms and sulks*

TBBB: Well, that may be, but stop sulking, you big bearded baby. I’ll take that beard off you if you don’t cheer up and get on with the review!

TBBB: *gasps* You… wouldn’t! Would you…? *bottom lip trembles*

TBBB: Yes I bloody well would. Now, get on with it and act like a man. A man in a glittery leotard admittedly, but a man none the less.

TBBB: *sniffs* You’re a mean meanie to me. 

TBBB: Shall we continue?

TBBB: S’pose.

TBBB: Okay then… so, Lori?

TBBB: *wipes nose* Right, Lori, yes. So, in the past Lori was married to a small time player in the Bonchese family, Tommy Ford. Now, things go a bit tits up with her marriage and it puts her firmly in the sights of the big bad boss of the Miami Mob, Old Man Bonchese. Now, OMB is not a man to fuck around with…

TBBB: Er, language please! This is a family friendly blog. It is not a place for your gutter language and sewer words.

TBBB: … but he isn’t. It conveys the seriousness of his seriousnesss in getting things done. 

TBBB: Ok, I’ll allow it just this once, but don’t fuck up again…. damn!

TBBB: Ha! See, you’re as bad as I am. 



TBBB: Let’s overlook this little indiscretion and continue.

TBBB: Excellent. Soooo, OMB is a real SOB and he has been labouring under the impression all of these years that someone else [spoiler redacted]… sorry, necessary brackets here… but he discovered in the last book that it was indeed Lori who [spoiler redacted] and now he wants the blood repaid.

TBBB: I’m going to assume that he wants it repaid in Lori’s blood?

TBBB: Exactly. I think that blood is some kind of currency in Mob-land. They seem to use it a lot to get repayment for stuff. They also like eyes a lot as they always seem to be exchanging them.

TBBB: What? I think you mean the saying “an eye for an eye”?

TBBB: That’s the one. Maybe there is something wrong with their eyes and they just want a better one that looks exactly the same? Or…

TBBB: No, it just means “like for like” as in… oh, never mind that. Get back to Lori!

TBBB: Oh yes, so, just when she thought life was on the right track, for now, she is unceremoniously bundled into a van outside of Dakota’s school by assailants unknown and, in Lori’s own words: “It seemed like a regular day; just like the day before, and the day before that. But the schedule got changed up. Our rhythm violently disrupted. And by 08:29 that morning our world was shot to shit.

TBBB: Blimey. What did Dakota make of that?

TBBB: Oh she didn’t hear Lori say any of that. That’s just for our benefit as readers.

TBBB: For crying out loud… No, what did she make of her mother getting grabbed like that? Not what did she think of that paragraph 😩

TBBB: Oh yeah, huh huh. Silly me. Fortunately she didn’t witness it. The baddies had the decency to wait until she was inside the school before snatching Lori.

TBBB: Well, that was thoughtful of them.

TBBB: Wasn’t it? It’s a kind of reversal of the events of Deep Down Dead when it was Dakota who…

TBBB: ah ah ah! Where are your square brackets now then, huh?

TBBB: Oopsie, sorry, got a little carried away there. 

TBBB: Let’s move swiftly on. Maybe the viewer didn’t notice. So, then what transpires?

TBBB: Ooh, What doesn’t transpire…

TBBB: NOOOOOO! Not that again. Please!

TBBB: Hehe, only joshing. No, so, Lori is driven to a remote barn and puts an ashtray down her knickers…

TBBB: Woah, woah… she puts a what where now?

TBBB: An ashtray, down her knickers.

TBBB: That’s what I thought you said. Why?

TBBB: You’ll just have to read the book to find out, won’t you *smug face*

TBBB: Alright smarty beard, wipe that smug look off your fuzzy visage.

TBBB: No! Anyway, after discovering that it was OMB himself who has kidnapped her, she finds herself face to face with him and she is tasked with finding and returning Carlton North, their ‘numbers man’ and long time Bonchese Family associate. North is like family to the Old Man, and a brother to his eldest son John Bonchese, who, I have to say, doesn’t even so much as pick up a guitar in this book.

TBBB: Why would he?

TBBB: Well, he used to be a big rock star, didn’t he? “Oooh, we’re halfway there… oooh, oooh, we’re living on a prayer. Take my…”

TBBB: Hold on a moment here. Are you mistaking this man for John Bon Jovi, by any chance. And isn’t his son’s name Luciano Bonchese, not John?

TBBB: No, no, it’s definitely John. Look *flips through book*

I hear a screen door open and shut, followed by footsteps approaching. Turning in my chair, I see a figure walking towards us. Tall, with dark, artfully mussed-up hair and wearing a designer suit, this man looks more model than mobster. ‘My eldest, Luciano,’ says the Old Man. There’s pride in his voice.”

TBBB:… oh, damn. Well, easy mistake to make. You say ‘Bonchese’, I say ‘Bon Jovi’… let’s call the whole thing off.

TBBB: Stop singing and admit you’re wrong. John Bon Jovi indeed. Urgh. Let’s get back to what happened to North!

TBBB: Well, Carlton was picked up by the FBI and is now under their protection. OMB is worried that he may turn evidence against the family at his forthcoming trial as he knows their intimate details and working practices. 

TBBB: Ooooooohhhhh, now, that is very silly of him. You don’t do that to the Mob.

TBBB: No, no you certainly don’t. They hate hamsters.

TBBB: Hamsters?

TBBB: Yeah, sneaky, snitchy little hamsters. They can’t stand them. Plus they make one hell of a racket with those bloody wheels of theirs; squeaking and rattling away all night.

TBBB: What are you waffling… oh, you daft sod. Rats, not hamsters. They’re called Rats. I am actually face palming here.

TBBB: So what are hamsters then? Aren’t they just small rats?

TBBB: What? No they are not. They are very different animals. Anyway, we’re not talking about actual hamsters… I mean rats, here. It’s the word they use for people who snitch on the Mob to the Feds, police, whoever. They are dealt with in the most severest way possible when they are found out.

TBBB: Do they bury them alive in their back gardens in a little shoe box like we did with Hammy? 😱

TBBB: What? No, they…

TBBB: *gasps* Don’t tell me that they… flush them down the toilet!!! 🥺

TBBB: We. Are. Not. Talking. About. REAL. rats…. or hamsters. Jeeeeeee…. sus. These are humans. Human rats. People who rat out the Mob. If they’re discovered then they kill them. Usually in the most painful and drawn out way possible.

TBBB: Ohhhh, I see. So that’s why they want Carlton then? To Kill him?

TBBB: I don’t know. You’re the one who read the book, so you tell me!

TBBB: Oh yeah, it all makes sense now, But they don’t tell Lori that. She’s just told to bring him back to the Bonchese compound and then her debt to OMB, and the threat of [spoiler redacted] to her and her family will be lifted. Easy peasy.

TBBB: Yeah right. Like that would ever happen. If there’s one thing about the Mob that you can be sure of, it’s that you cannot be sure of anything they say in that regard. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them.

TBBB: Well, that’s because you’re a puny beardy weirdy who couldn’t throw a reasonably large stone very far. So what, you don’t trust stones now? It’s a silly reasoning, if you ask me. 


TBBB: What, what are you doing? Why are you looking at me like that?

TBBB: It’s one of my hard stares. *stares*

TBBB: Like in the Paddington Bear type of hard stare?

TBBB: Exactly as in the Paddington Bear hard stare. *stares harder*

TBBB: I… I don’t like it. Make it stop. I’m sorry. You’re a tough beardy weirdy who could easily throw a stone, even a big one. Please stop the staring; I can feel it going right through me.

TBBB: Good, that’s settled then *stops staring*.

TBBB: Phew, that’s better. 

TBBB: Right, so what happens next?

TBBB: Lori is released by OMB and, after sneaking back to her flat, sorry apartment, this is the USA after all, grabs her go-bag and taser and, um, goes. She can’t tell anyone, not even JT, so she buggers off and heads off to find Carlton North. 

TBBB: What, she abandons poor Dakota… again? That girl has already been through the wringer without her mother buggering off again on another dangerous mission. You have to wonder about Lori’s parenting skills, you really do.

TBBB: True, but she really doesn’t have any choice in the matter, and she is doing it all for Dakota. 

TBBB: Yes, but couldn’t she just get a job working nights in a supermarket? What about training in some other trade? One not so deadly and terrifying as bounty hunting.

TBBB: Because it wouldn’t make for a very exciting book would it? Imagine if she was a checkout person? How would that play out? ‘Deep Dirty Till Reciepts‘ doesn’t have quite the same ring about it. Or if she was a school teacher? ‘Deep Dirty Up All Night Marking Homework‘ also has the whiff of dullness about it. 

TBBB: Okay, point taken. What are JT and Dakota doing whilst Lori is off tracking down her quarry?

TBBB: Well, JT is understandably pissed off that Lori appears to have vanished, although she did tell him the bare basics of her predicament. He’s still recovering from events at the end of Deep Blue Trouble and isn’t at peak fitness. He worries about her and he’s well aware of the type of people she is dealing with.

TBBB: JT was Lori’s mentor, no? The guy who trained Lori in the art of bounty hunting way back in book 1?

TBBB: Before the events in Book 1, if we’re being pedantic, but yes he is. He is also known to OMB and to Carlton North as it turns out. Lori also recognises North’s photo when she is shown it; they have a history that may not make it very easy for Lori when she finds him. But back to JT: he is literally left holding the baby, not that Dakota is an actual baby, but you get my drift. Dakota is not a daft child. She’s been through a lot over the last two books; she’s a child well beyond her years, and amazingly is still holding it together, but he is still a child and wants childy things, such as ice cream. JT is reluctant to leave the house though as he suspects that OMB’s nasties will be watching them and their every move. 

TBBB: So, does he hunker down and not get involved?

TBBB: Pfft, no, of course not. JT isn’t the sit-about-and-wait-for-shit-to-happen kinda guy. He is a tough no nonsense bloke, usually more than capable of looking after himself when he’s not been [spoiler redacted] like a pin-cushion. However, once he is aware of the danger he and Dakota are in at home he makes the wise decision to get out of Dodge. 

TBBB: Where does he go to then?

TBBB: He heads off to visit an old friend of Lori’s. Someone he knows he can trust with Dakota’s life, if not his own: R..

TBBB: Ah ah, I feel that this is a square bracket situation here.

TBBB: Maybe. Ok, I’ll agree. Let’s leave that there; it’s more fun to find these things out for yourself anyway. I think that it is safe to say that things don’t go particularly smoothly for our butt-kicking heroine, or for JT and Dakota for that matter, and what was a supposedly straightforward click-and-collect job, as much as it could ever be, turns to shit in the most dramatic way. After a bungled extraction job at a motel, Lori, along with Carlton North, find themselves on the FBI’s Most Wanted list and on the run. 

TBBB: That sounds jolly exciting.

TBBB: It really bloody is. All of the Lori books are the literal equivalent of those classic blockbuster US action road movies. They are truly cinematic in their scope. The action comes thick and fast, with the pace rarely letting up. The chapters are short and don’t hang about so you find yourself flying through these books at a fair old rate. 

TBBB: Awesome. That’s one of the, many, things that I loved about the previous books was the fast pace and get-to-the-point nature of the story.

TBBB: Exactly, and with DDT you really get the feel that Steph…

TBBB: *sighhhhhh* ahhhhhhhhh, Steph…… 😍

TBBB:… is really getting into her stride with this book. Not that the others lag in any way, but you can see that she is developing more strongly as a writer with each book. Her descriptions of the hot Miami sun, the Everglades, are really vivid. I swear I had to swat a few mosquitoes as I read those parts. Take this passage for example:

This place smells like death. As we paddle across the lake the sun’s beating on our backs, and the water sparkles like gold in the bottom of a prospector’s pan. There is no gold below the surface of this water, though. What lies beneath is a whole lot more dangerous.”

TBBB: Oooh, that’s really evocative isn’t it?

TBBB: Innit tho? 

There’s a natural beauty to the twisted mangrove roots and the way the sunlight hits the water for sure, but there’s danger here too. The water is still, and with no current, it’s stagnant, its smell repugnant. Mosquitoes cloud above the surface, their bite impossible to avoid. Sitting in the kayak, it feels as if I’m floating in a fibreglass coffin.”

TBBB: Stop it now. I can feel those bloody mosquitoes biting me already. And I can actually smell that swamp in here.

TBBB: Err, sorry about that. I knew I shouldn’t have had the reheated rice with my reheated chicken chow mien last night.

TBBB: Ewww, open that window, seriously.

TBBB: Sorry.

TBBB: You should be. Right, where were we? Ah yes, the swamp. Continue.

TBBB: Right, yes. Anyway, did you know that Steph actually went kayaking in the very Everglades that are described above? She really does get right into her research for these books. She even trained as a bounty hunter over in the States. And then there are the alligators… I was pulling my feet off of the floor whenever they cropped up, you know, just in case. Her dialogue is spot on, it’s natural and flows well, as is her characterisation throughout. She is a writer who places her characters in unbelievable situations but makes them utterly believable, and they have really grown as the series has progressed. You root not only for Lori, JT and Dakota to get through this unscathed and alive, but you also find yourself rooting for the bad guy, well, not all of them, but in Carlton’s case you do. Even OMB comes out of it slightly more sympathetically than when we begin. But then there are the really nasty bastards who you just want to see get their just desserts.

TBBB: I love it when you read a book where you are fully invested in the characters and their situation.

TBBB: Exactly, and DDT does that really, really well. You need to find out what happens to these characters. Steph throws you in at the Deep Dirty End (see, I did it again), and then finds even deeper and dirtier water to push Lori into. Lori is forced to put herself into more and more danger to get herself out of the shit she seems to find herself getting into in the first place. And then there’s FBI agent Alex Monroe. 

TBBB: Who is he then?

TBBB: He is someone who really is not to be trusted, at least I don’t think he should be. He’s a rather ambiguous character at the moment. Either way he helps Lori to find North, but at what price? 

TBBB: What price?

TBBB: Ah, well you’ll have to read DDT won’t you? *winky face*

TBBB: Stop that face! You look like you’re having a stroke.

TBBB: Cheers. 

TBBB: Is there anything else that you can tell us without giving too much away?

TBBB: Honestly, just read the book! If you haven’t already read any of the previous books then go back and start at the beginning; you’ll get more out of it that way. Unless you’re one of those people who don’t mind spoilers, in which case just buy and read this one and work your way backwards. It’s all the same in the end, but DO read these books.

TBBB: So you recommend them then?

TBBB: They absolutely get the Beardy Book Blogger Stamp Of Beardy Approval.

TBBB: Wow, that is high praise.

TBBB: Are you being sarcastic? I detect a slight tone to your voice there.

TBBB:No, me? Sarcastic? No idea what you mean.

TBBB: Ah, good. Just checking. These books are proper page turners too.

TBBB: What if you’re reading them on a Kindle or KOBO thing?

TBBB: Ok, they’re proper page tappers too. 

TBBB: What about on a phone?

TBBB: Proper page swipers.

TBBB: Ah, but what about if they’re listening to this book via an audiobook?

TBBB: Well, it, er, it’s a, er, proper, um, ear turner? Lobe twitcher? Drum thrummer?

TBBB: Excellent, well I think we’ll wrap that up here. Thank you for stepping in at the very last minute and agreeing to review Deep Dirty Truth for me. I guess I appreciate it.

TBBB: There’s that tone again, but I shall overlook it this time. And you are welcome. I am always happy to help out when I can. You have my number. 

TBBB: Sadly, I do. Until next time.

TBBB: When is that?

TBBB: Pardon?

TBBB: The next time? When will that be? I can’t do Thursday nights, I have my pom-pom waving classes. And I can’t really make Tuesday evenings either as I’m attending taser aversion classes. They’re compulsory according to the Judge…

TBBB: *sigh* it’s just a figure of speech. Don’t sweat it, I will call you when (if) I need you again. So, until next time.

TBBB: Oh I see. Yes, until next time *wink*

TBBB: Just, just go now.

Annnnnd he’s gone. I think I need a drink. Skip to the end after the photo below for my little recap of the above. See you in a mo.

steph broadribb
Steph Broadribb: She will taser you if you mess with her.


So, what can we glean from the conversation above. Apart from confirming that The Beardy Book Blogger is slightly certifiable and should be encased in a cryogenic tube and fired into space, we can also deduce the following:

Deep Dirty Truth is a bloody superb book; the literary equivalent of a big budget American action road movie. It’s truly cinematic in scale, drama and action, but it is in the characters that it really excels. Despite the big action set pieces, it still manages to retain an intimacy and closeness between its main protagonists. The action comes thick and fast, with Lori lurching from one difficult situation to another even more difficult one, as she tries to honour the debt she has to the Miami Mob whilst trying to stay alive long enough to see her daughter Dakota and JT again. Lori is a thoroughly engaging and likeable woman who in trying to do the best for her seriously ill daughter makes questionable career choices and gets herself into deeper and deeper water. And just when you think she has got herself out of this particular dilemma, well, book 4 awaits us, and I for one cannot wait to see where Lori goes next. But, seriously, the woman needs to rethink her lifestyle choices 🤔😉


Deep Dirty Truth is out now. 

Amazon UK; Book Depository; Foyles

About Steph:

Steph Broadribb was born in Birmingham and grew up in Buckinghamshire. Most of her working life has been spent between the UK and USA. As her alter ego – Crime Thriller Girl – she indulges her love of all things crime fiction by blogging at, where she interviews authors and reviews the latest releases. She is also a member of the crime-themed girl band The Splice Girls. Steph is an alumni of the MA in Creative Writing (Crime Fiction) at City University London, and she trained as a bounty hunter in California, which inspired her Lori Anderson thrillers. She lives in Buckinghamshire surrounded by horses, cows and chickens. Her debut thriller, Deep Down Dead, was shortlisted for the Dead Good Reader Awards in two categories, and hit number one on the UK and AU kindle charts. My Little Eye, her first novel under her pseudonym Stephanie Marland was published by Trapeze Books in April 2018.


Yo can reach Steph at the following places:

Twitter: @crimethrillgirl

Website: Crime Thriller Girl


As always my greatest thanks to Anne Cater of Random Things Tours, Karen Sullivan of Orenda Books and, of course, the Lovely Steph Broadribb® for my copy of DDT and for allowing me to indulge the idiot that is myself on this tour. 

Don’t forget that the blog tour rumbles on with many more, sane, bloggers. Please do check them out and see what others think of this fantastic book.

deep dirty truth blog tour poster


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