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Gooooooooooood morning Beardy Blog fans. Or, if you are reading this in the afternoon, gooooooooooood afternoon Beardy Blog fans. Or if you happen to be reading this in the evening, goooooooooooood evening Beardy Blog fans. Or, if you… oh, you get the flippin’ idea with that.

Today I am guessing that you are here to read my review of Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech, no? If you haven’t then may I suggest you take this opportunity to leave now? I’m sure you will have better things to do. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

But if you are here for the review then WELCOME, and boy do I have a treat for you.

A treat you say? Oooh, I imagine you’re saying next, what could he mean by that?

Well, today you will be witness to the very first Beardy Book Blog… phone-in! That’s right, you read that correctly; a phone-in. I have been working tirelessly, tirelessly I tell you, to set up my very own radio station, just for this very review. I shall be asking the listeners to phone-in their very own thoughts about this wonderful book.

Now, I know what you are thinking: hold up you hairy buffoon, this is a written blog, how are we supposed to phone-in?

Well, I have thought of that actually and, obviously it’ll, ummm, clearly there will have to, um, I mean it goes without saying that, errr…….. shut up! Excellent, now we’ve cleared that up…

I’m very excited. Oh, I do hope that nothing goes wrong *crosses fingers emoji*

But first, let’s have a word from our wonderful sponsors: BlurbnationTaking the blah blah out of blurbs

“Pregnant Victoria Valbon was brutally murdered in an alley three weeks ago – and her killer hasn’t been caught.

Tonight is Stella McKeever’s final radio show. The theme is secrets. You tell her yours, and she’ll share some of hers.

Stella might tell you about Tom, a boyfriend who likes to play games, about the mother who abandoned her, now back after fourteen years. She might tell you about the perfume bottle with the star-shaped stopper, or about her father …

What Stella really wants to know is more about the mysterious man calling the station … who says he knows who killed Victoria, and has proof.

Tonight is the night for secrets, and Stella wants to know everything…

With echoes of the Play Misty for Me, Call Me Star Girl is a taut, emotive and all-consuming psychological thriller that plays on our deepest fears, providing a stark reminder that stirring up dark secrets from the past can be deadly…”

66.6 TBBB-FM: Woooooooooo, welcome to the inaugural broadcast of the my very own radio station 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hirsute Station In The Nation. Why a radio station I hear you read? Well, I thought it was about time I shook things up here on the Beardy Book Blogger and try something new and exciting and, dare I say it, yes, yes I dare – Revolutionary! But there will be no music on this station. This is a talk radio station and today we are talking BOOKS (yeah, yeah big surprise right? but go with it), and for my very first book we shall be talking about Call Me Star Girl, the scintillating, gripping, moving, disturbing, devastating and frankly fantastic new book by Louise Beech.

You may remember Louise from such books as How To Be Brave, Maria In The Moon, The Mountain In My Shoe and The Lion Tamer Who Lost. If you still do not know who she is, then may I redirect you back to my actual blog blog and the following posts:

Let’s talk about Louise Beech.


The Lion Tamer Who Lost: Author Q&A with Louise Beech. 

Oh and while we’re at it:

The Lion Tamer Who Lost – Louise Beech. 

Right, now you are all caught up let’s get on with the phone in. Ooooh, I’m so excited. Look at all those little lights flashing away at me. Let me choose one at random… eeny meeny miny mo, pull a piglet by… its… toe… Line 4:

Hello, caller on Line 4, you are live on 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hirsute Station In The Nation, tell me what you thought about Call Me Star Girl…

CALLER: Hello?

TBBB-FM: Yes caller, go ahead.

CALLER: Oh, hi, er, can I get a 12″ ham and pineapple on thin crust please?

TBBB-FM: Um, I thin…

CALLER: And can I also get some cheesy garlic balls and a litre of Coke Zero? I have a code for a 10% discount.

TBBB-FM: Ohhhkay, I think you may have the wrong number there. We don’t have pizza. This is a…

CALLER: Um, ok, pepperoni then. With extra jalapeños and tabasco sauce? Thin crust.

TBBB-FM: No, no, you misunderstand…

CALLER: Stuffed crust is fine I guess, but will I have to pay extra because this coupon only covers classic bases, and I think that…

TBBB-FM: No no no, you misunderstand, we don’t sell pizza at all. This isn’t a pizzeria.

CALLER: Oh, I’m sorry. This is a pretty bad line, to be fair.

TBBB-FM: Sorry, first day bugs and all that. No, what I’m saying is this is a radio station. NOT a pizzeria. I have no pizza of any kind. This is 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hirsute Station In The Nation, not The Beardy Pizza Emporium. They’re up the road at number 666.

CALLER: Ohhhh, I see. Sorry. I must’ve dialled 0800 BEARDY 666 instead of 0800 BEARDY PIZZA666. This is awkward.

TBBB-FM: No worries, I can see where the confusion has arisen. I’m sure that they’ll be getting phone calls about Call Me Star Girl all day, hahaha.

CALLER: Sorry?

TBBB-FM: Never mind. Have a nice day and good luck with the pizza.


TBBB-FM: Oh, he’s gone. Right, sorry about that listeners. Let’s move on to Line…. 2. Caller, go ahead you are LIVE on 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hirsute Station In The Nation. What did you think of Call Me Star Girl.

CALLER: Hello?

TBBB-FM: Hello.

CALLER: Hello?

TBBB-FM: Hello caller, you are live right now.

CALLER: Oh, hi, is this 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hairy Station In The Country?

TBBB-FM: Um, yes it is, although it’s the most Hirsute station in the Nation. 

CALLER: That’s what I said.

TBBB-FM: Okay, let’s leave that one there. So, Call Me Star Girl, what did you think?

CALLER: Oh, I don’t know. I was just calling back to apologise for before, about the pizza thing? I got one by the way. But it’s going cold so I’ll go now. Sorry again.



TBBB-FM: Some people! SO, let’s try Line 3.

CALLER: Hello?

TBBB-FM: Hello caller, you are LIVE on 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hir… oh, forget that now. You are live on air right now, what did you think of Call Me Star Girl?

CALLER: Hey, I thought it was bloody great.

TBBB-FM: Hallelujah, we have someone who has actually read the book. I knew this wasn’t a total waste of time, haahahahaha….. ha.

CALLER: Sorry? You okay? You sound a little hysterical.

TBBB-FM: Oh, my apologies, you’re my third caller and so far the only person who has read it and hasn’t tried to order pizza. Haha. You don’t want pizza, do you?

CALLER: Oh, me, no, no I’m good for pizza now, thank you. I want to ta…

TBBB-FM: Hang on! What do you mean “I’m good for pizza now”?


TBBB-FM: Hang on! Is this the same caller?

CALLER: Umm… maybe?

TBBB-FM: Oh God. I know who this is. I thought that after the last time we spoke I wouldn’t hear from you again.

CALLER: I think you may have me confu…

TBBB-FM: It’s me, isn’t it? It’s The Beardy Book Blogger. I knew this was too good to be true.

CALLER: Ummm, hiiiiiii *waves emoji*. But, but I have read the book, so, you know, any port in a storm and all… that?

TBBB-FM: I really don’t know why I bother, I really don’t. Sorry about this listeners. For those of you who have no idea who I’m talking about or why I am so distressed right now have a gander HERE or HERE for my previous encounters with myself. So, since you’re here I guess we had better get on wi…




TBBB-FM: I heard what you said, but why are you saying it in that creepy ass voice?


TBBB-FM: *sigh* You’ve lost me. What are you prattling on about? Who the hell is Victoria Valbone?


TBBB-FM: Yes, yes, we’ve established that. But who is she and can you pleeeease stop doing that voice! It’s making my gums itch.

CALLER: SORRY..*cough*.. sorry. You have read Call Me Star Girl, haven’t you?

TBBB-FM: Of course I have.

CALLER: In that case you know who Victoria Valbon is.

TBBB-FM: Give me strength… yes I know who she is, but the listeners won’t. You can’t just barge in with stuff, you need to introduce the listener to the story.

CALLER: Oh, sorry, I’m new to this phoning in lark. Ok, let me start again:

TBBB-FM: Thank you.


TBBB-FM: Oh for fu… please, we know that part, please skip to the next part and drop that damn voice!

CALLER: You always spoil my fun.

TBBB-FM: We have very differing definitions of “fun”. But, please, for the love of Louise, carry on!

CALLER: Victoria Valbon was a young woman brutally murdered in an alleyway. She was stabbed and left to die by her assailant. Oh, and did I mention that she was pregnant?


CALLER: Yup, very. Her killer has yet to be caught, but someone calls in to the radio station that Stella McKeever works in claiming to know who killed her and that he has proof to boot,

TBBB-FM: Crikey. So, who’s this Stella person and what do a couple of boots have to do with it?

CALLER: Well, Stell… boots?

TBBB-FM: You said there were two boots as proof.

CALLER: Eh? Oh, no, you daft bugger, I said ‘to boot’ as in to mean ‘as well’ or ‘in addition to’.

TBBB-FM: Oh, yes, I see that now. Sorry, some things get lost in translation on the radio, it seems. So, you were telling us who Stella is?

CALLER: Ah yes – Stella is a young jock at the station who…

TBBB-FM: Jock?

CALLER: It is what a DJ, or Disc Jockey, is called in the business. I thought that you would know that what with being a radio station host now.

TBBB-FM: Yeah, yeah, alright Smugly McSmugface, less of my cheek. I know what a Jock is… now. Right, so…?

CALLER: Ha, in my face. Sorry, so, Stella is a presenter in the late night slot at WLCR – We Love Community Radio – and, unbeknownst to her listeners, tonight is her very last show. She tells her listeners that she wants to hear their secrets. They can tell her anything they like, but when one caller calls in she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

TBBB-FM: Oooh I say, can you tell us what that is?


TBBB-FM: *sigh* Ok, not that again, I get it. So this person calls in claiming to know who killed the poor woman in the alley?

CALLER: Exactly. Stella calls him ‘The Man Who Knows‘, because like, you know, he knows, or at least he claims to and he begins to seriously freak her out. You see he’s been calling in for a while now, claiming his claims, but tonight she feels will be the last night and all shall be revealed.

TBBB-FM: Blimey.

CALLER: I know right? Aaaaaand…

TBBB-FM: There’s and aaaaaand?

CALLER: There most definitely is an aaaaaand, aaaaaand someone left Stella a book in the foyer with a note on it that said: Stella, this will tell you everything, that totes freaks her out. Dun dun duunnnnnnn…..

TBBB-FM: Squeak! Tell her everything about what? Who left it there? Did she see them? What’s the book about?

CALLER: Woah, hold up there a tad, beardy. Those are things that you shall just have to discover for yourself. What, do you want me to read the whole damn book out aloud here or summink, huh? *tch*

TBBB-FM: Of course not, sorry, I got a little carried away there.

CALLER: That’s quite alright, but you see, there was no one else in the studio at the time,. Add to the fact that she has noticed that someone has been waiting around outside the studio after her show, you can understand why Stella becomes a tad nervous that someone may be stalking her and it may be, but I’m not saying that it is, the killer.

TBBB-FM: Blimey o’reilly, I got chills and they’re multipling *shivers*

CALLER: *sings* and I’m looooosing contro-oh-ohhhl….

TBBB-FM: *singing* Cause the powerrrrrrrr you’re supplyin’…

CALLER: *singing* Is electrifying…

TBBB-FM: *singing* Ohhhhhhh, you better shape up..

CALLER: up up up…

TBBB-FM: *singing* Cause I need a man…

CALLER/TBBB-FM: *singing* and my heart is set on youuuuuuu… oo…



TBBB-FM: It’s um, let’s, er, we should probably, umm, leave that there….

CALLER: I think that is for the best.

TBBB-FM: Sorry about that listeners. Let’s return to Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech; what else can you tell us about Stella McKeever?

CALLER: Have I mentioned that she was abandoned by her mother at the age of 12.

TBBB-FM: Her mother was only 12 when she had her and then she abandoned her? Bloody hell…

CALLER: Eh? No, you twerp, Stella was 12. Elizabeth was, was, um, older. Like a woman and stuff. No, she took her to school one day and just left her there. It was left to her neighbour Sandra to bring her up. I mean, seriously, don’t most people just settle for borrowing a cup of sugar or ask them to feed the cat when they’re away on their holibobs? They don’t go around asking them to bring up their children for them whilst they gad off. I mean, the very notion.

TBBB-FM: Blimey, that was rather rude of her…

CALLER: Like, yuh, totally.

TBBB-FM: … and that’s not much of a start to life for poor young Stella, is it? What about her dad? Where was he when she upped sticks and took off?

CALLER: Ah, yes, now, you see, therein lies another problem for Stella as she never knew her father. He remains unknown, an enigma to her, a whisper in the wind of memory, but this is a puzzle that she is led to resolve later.

TBBB-FM: Ooooh, lalalalalalalalalalala, no spoilers here please!

CALLER: Fear not, I shall say no more….

TBBB-FM: What are you doing now?

CALLER: I’m winking. Wink-wink.

TBBB-FM: Well stop it. It looks like you’e having a seizure of some kind. And you don’t have to say “wink wink” when you actually wink.

CALLER: But then the listeners won’t know that I’m winking. It’s how things are done on the radio, don’t you know?

TBBB-FM: No, they are not. Silly person. Right, get on with the review. So, Why did Stella’s mum bugger off then?

CALLER: I’m not sure that I should really say or not. This is always my problem in reviewing something; I always wonder how much I should really give away about the story/ Let’s just say that she leaves without so much as a by your leave and was never to be seen again…

TBBB-FM: Wow, she sounds delightful.

CALLER:… until 14 years later when she returned to Stella’s life to try to reconnect.

TBBB-FM: Hold up, you said she was never to be seen again. Ooh, fibs.

CALLER: You didn’t let me finish. No, she returned into Stella’s life, but things are never that easy or simple in a Louise Beech novel.

TBBB-FM: Ooh, do tell!



CALLER: You’ll have to read the book to discover that to which I allure. Safe to say, I think, that both Stella’s and Elizabeth’s lives are more entwined than they ever thought they would have been. Like two balls of twine that have been kept in different parts of the same cupboard for years and years but at some point have become, um, un-twined, but parts of their twine have become re-entwined without their respective main balls of, er, twine even knowing it. Um, like, er, no wait, like two bowls of spaghetti that have been dropped…

TBBB-FM: What in the name of Medusa’s pubes are you going on about now? Twine? Spaghetti? How? What? I… I can’t even

CALLER: What I was trying to say, you know, like entwined as in two balls….

TBBB-FM: Oh please, not again. I’ll bloody well entwine you if you don’t shut the hell up! *mumbles* entwine it around your neck…

CALLER: What was that, I think we have a bad line here. Hello?

TBBB-FM: Sorry caller, gremlins on the line.

CALLER: Oh, I loved that movie. Which gremlin is it? Is it the clever one who can speak? Or that crazy ass punk mother-fu…

TBBB-FM: Not actual Gremlins, you bearded tit. The technical kind, with a small ‘g’.

CALLER: Darn it. I got all excited there for a second.

TBBB-FM: Can we please return to the review, if it isn’t too far beyond your mental capacity to do so?

CALLER: It most certainly isn’t, whatever that means, and yes, yes we shall. Sooooooo, Stella’s mum dumped her when she was 12 years old, but she left her a letter, so, every cloud and all that.

TBBB-FM: A letter? A poxy letter? What did it say?

CALLER: Ooh, this calls for an extract. I shall read from the book:

My Darling Stella,

I know this might come as a bit of a shock and I’m so sorry if it does, but I have had to go. I can’t tell you why or where. But I think you will understand when you grow up. I think you’re too young yet. You deserve better. Better than me. You always have. You’re a strong girl and I know you’ll be fine. Go next door to Sandra. Show her this. She will take care of you, I know she will. I’ll write when I get settled. I might even be able to come and see you. Yes, I am sure I can do that. Be good, my Stella. I do love you, I just don’t think it’s enough. One day maybe I can tell you why.

Mum x”

TBBB-FM: Wow, that’s, that’s cold. And what about poor Sandra?

CALLER: I know right? Poor 12 year old Stella comes home from school to find that she is now motherless. I mean, how would you get over something like that? As well as the letter, her mum left her with a small perfume bottle; one with a star shaped stopper. See? See? Clever, huh?


CALLER: Hello? I think we’ve got the grumblins back. Hel…

TBBB-FM: I heard you, I heard you. I just don’t get what you…. OHHHHHHHHHH, Call Me Star Girl, right? As in the title of the book?

CALLER: Yeeeeessss. *mumbles* and I thought I was supposed to be the dumb one *un-mumbles* That’s right. Also, Stella means ‘star’. See, Louise doesn’t just bung this stuff together you know. She is a craftsperson of the highest order.

TBBB-FM: Damn right she is. At last, something we both agree on. High Five!

CALLER: Er, I’m on the phone?

TBBB-FM: No you’re not, you’re me and I’m sitting right… Oh, yes, yes of course, *coughs* Well, as I say, at least we both agree on that point. About Louise, that is.

CALLER: Indeeeeed. So, where where we?

TBBB-FM: Stella’s mum and the perfume bottle.

CALLER: Yes, that’s right. Stella cherishes this bottle and the small amount of scent that remains within. It is the smell of memories. Ooh, ‘Memories by Stella: cherish the fragrance’. Pout and turn to camera, the wind is blowing my beard in a seductive and highly alluring manner …aaaaand …scene!

TBBB-FM: Do not make me come over there!

CALLER: Sorry, got a bit carried away again there with my imaginary perfume ad. Where was I? Oh yes, anyway, Stella’s mum, who is called Elizabeth, by the way…


CALLER: No, not Elizabeth By The Way, before you make some smart arsed comment: Elizabeth comma by the way, once told Stella that “she began wrong”, she came out legs first, so I guess that poor lass never stood a chance.

TBBB-FM: But surely she had landed on her feet, no? Feet? Landed? Get it? Because she came out feet first so she should be lucky in life, you’d have thought? No? Anyone? Just me? Ok.

CALLER: Now if I had said that you would have admonished me. Talk about double standards. I mean, really. Let’s get back to my point: Elizabeth was never one of those natural parents. Her love for Stella was strong, but her love for her father was stronger.

TBBB-FM: Hang on, you said she never knew her father.

CALLER: Stella didn’t, no, but her mum did, obviously. After all they did do the wayheeeeeey together that resulted in Stella. Anyway, I’ll say no more about that here… again. I keep slipping in stuff where I don’t mean to. Please slap me if I do it again. Er, if we weren’t on the phone to each other that is.

TBBB-FM: I will gladly slap you the next time we meet up. The ‘wayheeeeeey together’, indeed 🙄

CALLER: Um, thanks? Stella lives with her boyfriend Tom. Tom is a strange chap, a loving guy, but boy does he get is freakin’ freak ON at one point. This guy has some fookayed imagination.

TBBB-FM: Um, dare I ask in what way?

CALLER: I shall say only two words here and let the listeners imagination do the rest: The. Dead. Game.

TBBB-FM: That’s three words, but I’ll let that slide. My imagination is working overtime right now, I have to admit, and I’ve read the book. And this was Tom’s idea? And she loves this guy?

CALLER: It takes all sorts, I guess. But Tom isn’t all bad, and he has a sensitive, loving side. He truly loves Stella. He just has a funny way of showing it at times.

TBBB-FM: He could just buy her roses, or take her to the cinema like every other normal person, no?

CALLER: Blimey, you’re a catch, aren’t you?

TBBB-FM: Ok, let’s move swiftly on. How is the book structured?

CALLER: It’s told in the first person for the most part. Each chapter is either Stella or Elizabeth’s POV. There is one character who’s story is told in the third, but It is mostly told from Stella and Elizabeth’s POV.

TBBB-FM: Oh, so we get to see both sides of the story then?

CALLER: Yes we do, and the time frame shifts, too. We see it from then and now, so the full picture is built up gradually; just when you think you may know all there is to know about these characters, you really don’t. Your sympathies may shift as the book progresses, or they may not. I’m not saying either way.

TBBB-UK: Who is this other character to which you allude, the one not told in the first person?

CALLER: Ah, once again I’m not sure I want to say, but suffice to say that it is a character that long term Beechists, such as ourselves, will be thrilled to see again.

TBBB-FM: Nice dodge. Yes, I agree, unless you’ve seen it elsewhere in other reviews, long term readers will get great satisfaction from their return and time in the limelight.

CALLER: Exactly, but fear not newbies, because it doesn’t make a jot of difference if you haven’t read any of Louise’s books before. It’s just a nice nod to those who have. I hope we see them again.

TBBB-FM: Nice. Right, so we’ve covered who Stella and Elizabeth are…

CALLER: Daughter and mum respectively…

TBBB-FM: Yes, I said we have covered that, please stop interupt…

CALLER: Sorry.

TBBB-FM:… ing. *sigh* What else do we need to know about this book? Why should people buy it?

CALLER: Crikey, now there’s a question. Why should people buy it? Because it is a beautifully written, tense, dramatic and devastatingly moving story about love, loss and relationships. It explores how far people will go for love, to discover what love is…


CALLER: Stop that…

TBBB-FM: *coughs* Sorry.

CALLER: … and how far people will go to protect love. It also looks at what we think we know and of how perceptions can be changed and manipulated. It has Louise’s signature style all over it. By that I mean it is written from the heart and with genuine heart. We’ve already mentioned that Louise is a truly skilled craftswoman; she just gets character. She creates people that, over the course of the story, you feel like you really know; or at least you think you know. I know it’s a cliche, but she really does get under their skin and to the very thing that makes them them. Louise never wastes a word; there’s no filler here. This is a taut and detailed psychological thriller and a truly wonderful addition to an already stellar cannon. Ha, stellar. Do you see what I did there? Stellar? It sounds like Stella? No? Stellar? Hello? Hellooooo?

TBBB-FM: Oh dear, I think we appear to have lost that caller there. Oh, what a pity. But at least he managed to…

CALLER: I’m still here. I’m not actually on the phone. I think we’ve established that…. OWWWW! What the? Why do you hit me like that?

TBBB-FM: I didn’t hit you, you just hit yourself.

CALLER: It’s the same thing! That is going to bruise. Again. That’s it. Im not taking anymore of this abuse. You’re on your own. Late……errrrrrrs. *sashays away*

TBBB-FM: Urgh, I’m sorry listeners, but he makes me do these things to myself. So, there we have it. The inaugural, and possibly last, broadcast of 66.6 TBBB-FM: The Most Hirsute Station In The Nation comes to an end. I’m sorry it wasn’t quite what I had in mind; I had hoped for more callers, but that hairy buffoon usually gets in the way of these things. At least he had read the book and I hope this little broadcast encourages you to check it out. All silliness aside, Call Me Star Girl is genuinely superb. You may have gathered from the above that I am rather a fan of Louise Beech and her body of work, but I can honestly say that this has had little bearing on my view of this book. If I had not have enjoyed it I would genuinely say so, but fortunately, like, phew, I did. It is bloody excellent. It may not be to everyone’s liking; the subject matter means that it can be a difficult read at times, and the ending may not suit everyone. Personally, I found it very satisfying, if that’s even the correct word? It isn’t really, but I felt it suited the tone of the story and it just felt right. It was a bold choice certainly (if a little: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck…..?), but a book is all about the journey, both for us as readers and for the characters within; it’s more than just an ending, and as always, Louise takes you on the most exquisite ride imaginable. If I was you I would grab the tissues, and I do mean ALL the tissues, buckle up and enjoy the ride. 

‘Nuff said.


louise beech1
The gawwwwwg Louise Lady Jane M Puffbrains Beech: That is her actual full name. If you want to know why, pop back up to the top of this review and click on the link to my Q&A from the Lion Tamer Who Lost blog tour.


You can buy Call Me Star Girl in all the formats at these wonderful online bookstores or from the physical store of your choosing:


About Louise:

Louise Beech is an exceptional literary talent, whose debut novel How To Be Brave was a Guardian Readers’ Choice for 2015. The follow-up, The Mountain in My Shoe was shortlisted for Not the Booker Prize. Both of her previous books Maria in the Moon and The Lion Tamer Who Lost were widely reviewed, critically acclaimed and number-one bestsellers on Kindle. The Lion Tamer Who Lost was shortlisted for the RNA Most Popular Romantic Novel Award in 2019. Her short fiction has won the Glass Woman Prize, the Eric Hoffer Award for Prose, and the Aesthetica Creative Works competition, as well as shortlisting for the Bridport Prize twice. Louise lives with her husband on the outskirts of Hull, and loves her job as a Front of House Usher at Hull Truck Theatre, where her first play was performed in 2012.


My thanks to Karen Sullivan (the Queen  Bee at publishers Orenda Books) for my advance copy of this book (disclaimer: I bought the book when it came out, twice as it happens), and to Anne Cater, blog tour organiser extraordinaire, for having me on this tour. And of course the biggest thanks go to Louise herself for writing the book in the first place, because if she hadn’t this would review would have made less sense than it already probably does 😉



Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog tour to build the bigger picture:

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