Who the hell am I then?


Wellllll, that’s a question I’ve been asking myself for the past 47 years, so who knows, but right here, right now, on this blog I am…The Beardy Book Blogger (my real name is Martin, but, shhhhhhhh!). I’m just someone who loves books who wants to share that love with the greater, or not so greater, world at large.

I read mostly crime and thrillers, horror, psychological thriller/horror, and all things in-between and parts thereof. I also read the odd bit of sci-fi and fantasy, but nothing too hardcore. Hey, if its good fiction I’ll read it. Can’t argue with a good book, whatever the genre. I’ll review the books I read and post them here and on Goodreads. I’m not a professional blogger/reviewer so all views/opinions are unbiased as far as possible. Except where I’m totally biased, of course!

I’m UK based and am very much on the bottom rung of this steep, greasy ladder they call blogging. Be kind, please don’t swear (oh ok, just the odd bit here and there), and love one another.

Peace and book love.



Please note: I am not currently open for reviews outside of my current blog tour commitments. Thank you.