#Fahrenbruary Poetry Corner: ‘Electric Sex Syrup 5am Outside A Strip Club In Manhattan’ and ‘Trigger Mouth Blues’ – two poems by Saira Viola. @sairaviola @F13Noir @Fahrenheit Press



Good day to you all and welcome to Day 22 of #Fahrenbruary. Today is a special day as once again I present to you two posts from Saira Viola – the ‘Punk Princess Od Noir’ – author of ‘Jukebox‘ and ‘Crack Apple & Pop‘, both published by Fahrenheit 13 (click on the titles for my reviews).

Saira is not only an author, but also a renowned poet and she has kindly allowed me to reproduce two here on my beardy blog.

As with her longer fiction, Saira pulls no punches, casting her cutting glare across the social, sexual, cultural and political landscapes of our society.

Follow Saira via Twitter (@siaraviola) or check out her website at http://sairaviola.com/


Enjoy. TBBB X


SV pose



Electric Sex Syrup 5Am Outside A Strip Club in Manhattan 


The blood rose
                           Is warm
And wet.
               Don’t stop

Your mouth tastes

Like sweet jazz
                         And punk
         Poetic dust; your spunk

Forms c notes
In my throat: my heart

Riding on stars
Without a credit card:

             Of broken light.

Looking at the world
With lawless eyes,

The night shivers
Without your smile

And the day
                     Has lost

Her new born  pride


Trigger Mouth Blues

Talk faster baby
in the same key – pitch it right,
for the audience tonight
sales speak comes easy –
to the red white and blue –
make them believe in
the American Dream
give them a slow word suck
on the land of the free
Did your daddy play golf
with the President today?
How many fix it men -in court- on Monday ?
The anti-God is hustling the streets
pedalling race hate and poverty,
snake head’s outta the cage-
pulling the strings of puppet limbs
goose stepping the stage
changing the rules of the game –
dumb and dumber,
the BADGE of pride –
headline news
expose celebrity feuds
slang-bang the front page,
with toilet – dramas and scripted rage
desperate to snatch a moment of fame.
Truth is buried behind a wall of sleaze
billion dollar blinders protecting their greed
death bought and sold – a global design
democracy kisses bum steer the line
as millions of ‘martyrs’ are sacrificed
and the privileged tower of white
corporate power continues to reign

Let it play! Let it play! Let it play!


Saira Viola

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